Throw Some Light on Different Types of First Aid Kits

When it comes to handling minor accidents and injuries, first aid kits play a significant role on the spot. First aid components are important supplies used to offer the very first treatment at the time of injuries and accidents. On the basis of use and requirements, composition of a first kit differs to a great extent. For example, first aid kit at home with kids may comprise of items different from that of the one kept in your car.

Here are the different types of first aid kits you can choose from as per your requirements:

Basic first aid kits – Basic first aid kits are for the DIY first aid providers, say the lady or the dad of the house. The essentials in this kit include personal supplies like tweezers, bandages, antibiotics and painkillers. Such a kit is ideal to match your first aid needs at home or car. These are apt in the case of some trivial injuries like burns, cuts or insect bites.

Office First Aid- With an assumption that office kits require everything for adult use, this type of first aid kits contains drugs as well. They are designed in a way that the items can be restocked after use.

First Aid Kits for Sports Team- Such type of kits are capable for treating to orthopedic injuries. You will get components like compression wraps and cold packs in this kit. They are available in huge packs to treat the entire team or even in individual packing. However, most of the time, these kits are highly priced since these are normally sponsored by a league or team.  If you go for smaller sized ones, they may cost reasonable.

Essential components of first aid kit

  • Cotton balls/pads –These are the lightest component in a kit and are the most essential for both major as well as minor injuries.
  • Bandages –These are necessary for open wounds, and are vital to cover broken skin as well as to prevent infection.
  • Medical tape –This is essential for wounds. They can even hold light splints specifically for the fingers.
  • Alcohol wipes – These antiseptics are required for cleaning and averting infection in any injury which involves wounds or open skin.
  • Medical scissors –It is one among the essential component that must be present in your first aid kit. These are beneficial in cutting through tapes and bandages.
  • Pain relievers –It is needed for quick relief during accidents or injuries; it is often a better idea to keep an assortment of pain relievers in your first aid kit.
  • Antibiotics –To prevent external or internal infections, these are highly beneficial.


  • Tweezers –For thorns or splinters, a pair of good quality tweezers is always useful. You can select to have a metal or plastic tweezers as per your needs.
  • Instant Cold Pack –For closed injuries, sprains or joint injuries instant cold packs are very much helpful. This can also be utilized to lower down high fever.

These are few of the imperative components which you need to look into when buying any first aid kit. First aid kits are essential and come in handy in home, workplace and even in outdoor activities. If you are looking for a first aid kit that consisting of all the main components and are available at much affordable price then visit this site – You can get varieties of first aid kit such as first aid kit for the office or workplace, for home, travel first aid kit and so on.